7 Eleven Delta 8: Can You Buy It There?

Delta 8 THC is a popular cannabinoid that has gained traction for its milder psychoactive effects compared to Delta 9 THC. Consumers often look for convenient places to purchase Delta 8, including local shops, gas stations, and online retailers. This article explores the availability of Delta 8 at various retail locations, including notable chains like Circle K and Speedway, as well as licensed dispensaries and online stores.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta 8 THC products are available at select convenience stores and gas stations, including Circle K and Speedway.
  • Licensed dispensaries and online retailers offer a broader selection of Delta 8 products, often with detailed descriptions and lab test results.
  • Local vape shops provide the advantage of immediate purchase and physical inspection of Delta 8 products.
  • Mellow Fellow is a notable brand that offers Delta 8 products both online and in select local shops.
  • When purchasing Delta 8, it’s essential to consider the product’s quality, brand reputation, and lab test results to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

Circle K

Circle K, a well-known convenience store chain, has become a popular destination for various consumer products. However, when it comes to Delta 8 THC products, the availability can be quite limited. Consumers often wonder if they can find Delta 8 THC at Circle K locations. While some stores may carry CBD products, such as cbd gummies sold at Circle K, Delta 8 THC is not commonly found on their shelves. This is primarily due to the varying state regulations and the company’s cautious approach to stocking such items.


Speedway, a well-known gas station chain, has become a convenient stop for consumers looking to purchase Delta 8 products. Regulatory challenges and legal ambiguities surround synthetic THC and Delta-8 THC products, highlighting the need for comprehensive regulatory frameworks. Despite these challenges, Speedway has been known to carry a variety of Delta 8 products, making it easier for consumers to access them while on the go.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing Delta 8 products from Speedway is the ability to physically inspect the product before buying. This immediate purchase option is particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to wait for online deliveries. Additionally, Speedway’s widespread locations make it a convenient choice for many consumers.

For those seeking quick and easy access to Delta 8 products, Speedway offers a practical solution, combining convenience with the assurance of physical inspection before purchase.

Licensed Dispensaries

Licensed dispensaries are a reliable source for purchasing Delta 8 products. These establishments are regulated by state laws, ensuring that the products they sell meet specific safety and quality standards. Delta-8 THC is in a number of products including edibles, extracts, and vapes. This regulation provides consumers with a level of assurance that is not always available through other retail channels.

Licensed dispensaries typically offer a wide range of Delta 8 products, including:

  • Distillate
  • Tinctures
  • Flower
  • Premium THCa
    • Super Spensary
    • All Premium THCa
    • Premium THCA Flower
    • Premium THCa Pre-Rolls
    • Premium THCA Vape Disposables
    • Premium THCa Vape Cartridges
    • THCa Badder
    • Premium THCa Dabs

Visiting a licensed dispensary ensures that you are purchasing products that have been evaluated for safety and efficacy. This is particularly important given that the FDA has not evaluated or approved Delta-8 THC products for safe use.

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer a convenient and extensive selection of Delta 8 THC products. They provide easy access to product information and reviews, allowing consumers to make informed decisions. Unlike local shops, online stores often carry a wider range of products, including premium brands like 3Chi, Koi, MoonWLKR, 86 Brand, and Exhale Wellness.

Advantages of Online Shopping

  • Wider Range of Products: Online stores typically offer a broader selection of Delta 8 THC products compared to physical stores.
  • Convenience: Shopping online allows you to browse and purchase products from the comfort of your home.
  • Access to Reviews: Online platforms often feature customer reviews, helping you choose the best products.


While online shopping is convenient, it’s essential to ensure that the retailer is reputable and that the products are lab-tested for quality and safety. Always check for third-party lab test results and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Online retailers provide a unique advantage by offering a wider range of products and easy access to information, making it easier for consumers to find exactly what they need.

Local Vape Shops

Local vape shops are a viable option for purchasing Delta 8 THC products. These shops often provide a wide range of products, including various types of vape cartridges and disposables. One of the key advantages of buying from local vape shops is the ability to physically inspect the products before purchase, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Local vape shops also offer the benefit of immediate availability, eliminating the need for shipping and allowing consumers to obtain their products quickly. This is particularly important given the current Delta 8 THC shipping ban that impacts consumers and businesses alike.

  • Product Variety: Local vape shops typically stock a diverse selection of Delta 8 products, from cartridges to disposables.
  • Quality Assurance: Being able to see and sometimes test the products ensures that you are getting what you pay for.
  • Immediate Availability: No waiting for shipping; you can walk out with your purchase the same day.

Local vape shops provide a convenient and reliable source for Delta 8 THC products, especially in light of shipping restrictions.

Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow is a prominent name in the Delta 8 market, known for its commitment to quality and transparency. Mellow Fellow offers a wide range of CBD products on their official website and through select retailers. They provide detailed product information, lab testing results, and promotional codes for savings. Their website features a comprehensive store locator to help customers find nearby retailers. Additionally, Mellow Fellow has a robust online presence, including social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

For those interested in wellness and wholesale options, Mellow Fellow provides extensive resources and support. Their policies, including refund, shipping, and privacy, are clearly outlined on their website, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Lab Test Results

Lab test results are crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of Delta 8 products. Independent lab tests provide an unbiased assessment of the product’s content, purity, and the absence of harmful substances. These tests are essential for verifying that the product is free from heavy metals and residual solvents.

Certificates of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document that confirms a product has been tested for its chemical composition. It includes details about the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. The COA should also indicate that the product has been tested for contaminants such as pesticides and microbial impurities.

Importance of Transparency

Transparency in lab test results builds consumer trust. Brands that openly share their lab results demonstrate a commitment to quality and safety. This transparency is particularly important given the legal implications highlighted by recent lawsuits involving mislabeled products.

How to Access Lab Results

Consumers can usually find lab test results on the retailer’s website. Many companies provide a QR code on the product packaging that links directly to the COA. This makes it easy for consumers to verify the product’s safety and content before making a purchase.

Ensuring that Delta 8 products have been rigorously tested and verified by independent labs is essential for consumer safety and trust.

Brand Reputation

When considering the purchase of Delta 8 THC products, brand reputation is a critical factor. High-quality brands, such as Delta 8 Pro, are often recognized for their consistency and transparency. These brands typically receive positive feedback, which can be a reliable indicator of their product’s effectiveness and safety. Conversely, if a brand appears suspicious or lacks an online presence with reviews, it should be considered a red flag.

Customer reviews are invaluable in assessing a product’s quality. They provide insights into the product’s effectiveness and safety, helping potential buyers make informed decisions. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly read customer reviews before making a purchase.

While convenience might tempt you to buy from the nearest gas station or local shop, conducting due diligence ensures a safer and more satisfying experience with Delta 8 THC products.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in determining the quality and reliability of Delta 8 products. Positive feedback from users often highlights the effectiveness and satisfaction derived from these products. For instance, one user mentioned, "Every time I come here I’m greeted with a smile. They’re always willing to answer questions and offer product suggestions for what I’m in search of. Great place!" This kind of feedback underscores the importance of customer service in enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Another review emphasized the efficiency of delivery services: "Literally the best service ever! You guys are always so sweet and attentive! I got delivery for the first time, it was there in a flash and so easy! 10/10 would recommend here! Great prices, great people, great taste!" Such testimonials are invaluable for potential buyers looking to make informed decisions.

Customer reviews not only reflect individual experiences but also contribute to the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. They provide insights into product quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction, which are essential for new customers considering a purchase.

Product Descriptions

When evaluating Delta 8 products, understanding their descriptions is crucial. Accurate labeling should inform you clearly about the contents, including additives and the exact cannabinoid profile. This transparency ensures that consumers are well-informed about what they are purchasing.

Delta 8 products come in various forms, each with unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some common forms:

  1. Vape Cartridges: These are popular for their ease of use and quick onset of effects.
  2. Edibles: Gummies and other edibles offer a tasty and discreet way to consume Delta 8.
  3. Tinctures: These provide a versatile method of consumption, allowing for sublingual use or addition to food and beverages.
  4. Capsules: Ideal for those who prefer a pre-measured dose without any taste.

Ensuring the Delta 8 product is free from contaminants is vital, which should be verified by detailed lab reports. Quality and safety often rely on transparent and reliable product information.

Discover the benefits of CBD with our comprehensive product descriptions. Whether you’re looking for sleep aids, pain relief, or wellness supplements, we have something for everyone. Visit our website to explore our range of high-quality CBD products and make an informed choice for your health.


In conclusion, the availability of Delta 8 THC products at 7 Eleven remains uncertain, as it largely depends on local regulations and store policies. While some convenience stores and gas stations, such as Circle K and Speedway, have been known to carry Delta 8 products, it is essential for consumers to verify the legality and quality of these products before making a purchase. Online retailers offer a broader selection and detailed product information, but local shops provide the advantage of immediate purchase and physical inspection. Ultimately, whether buying online or from local stores, consumers should prioritize reputable brands and ensure compliance with local laws to make informed and safe purchasing decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Delta-8 products?

The availability of Delta-8 products varies significantly, with choices that include licensed dispensaries, online retailers, and select convenience stores. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to evaluate the legality of Delta-8 in your area and select a seller committed to both product excellence and compliance with local regulations.

Can you ship Delta 8 to me?

If you prefer to shop for your cannabinoids online, you can check out the Mellow Fellow official website. As long as it is legal in your state and you meet the age requirement of 21 years old, Delta 8 can legally be shipped to you.

What types of Delta 8 products are commonly available at gas stations?

Common types of Delta 8 products found at gas stations include vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures, and occasionally, flowers. The availability of these product forms can vary by location.

What are the possible side effects of taking Delta-8 THC?

Possible side effects of taking Delta-8 THC can include dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, and temporary memory impairment. It’s important to start with a low dose to gauge your body’s reaction.

Does Delta 8 show up on drug tests?

Yes, Delta 8 THC can show up on drug tests. It is chemically similar to Delta 9 THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, and most standard drug tests do not differentiate between the two.

What should I consider when buying Delta 8 THC from gas stations?

When buying Delta 8 THC from gas stations, you should be cautious about the product’s origins and quality. Gas stations may not always provide comprehensive information about the Delta 8 products they carry. Ensure you check for any available information on brand reputation and lab test results, even if it means doing a quick online search right at the checkout process.

What are the benefits of purchasing Delta 8 THC online?

Purchasing Delta 8 THC online can offer a broader selection of products and the convenience of home delivery. Online stores often provide detailed product descriptions, lab results, and customer reviews, which can aid in making an informed decision.

Are Delta 8 products available at major gas station chains?

Yes, notable gas station chains such as Circle K and Speedway have been known to carry Delta 8 products, providing easy access for consumers on the go.

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