CBD Storage Guide

Types Of CBD Products
Types Of CBD Products
CBD Storage
CBD Storage

Learning the storage guidelines of CBD is equally important as knowing its benefits and usage methods. Because CBD is a therapeutic that has to retain its potency despite changing conditions in the storage location, failsafe storage strategy needs to be implemented.

More the number of extra ingredients in a CBD product, lesser will be its potency, which is why addition of preservatives isn’t always a good idea when it comes to CBD. Following proper storage methods is the key to increasing the shelf life of cannabidiol.

Guidelines To Storing CBD

Some of the important factors to consider while you store CBD are given below.

Do Not Forget To Keep It Away From Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can lead to the degradation of hemp derived products, which is why we instruct you to keep it away from sunlight. CBD products often come in special packaging to avoid the exposure to direct sunlight. Transparent bottles and containers permit the entry of sunlight into it leading to dampening of the product’s potency. It is better to avoid buying CBD products that come in transparent packing.

Store the CBD product in dark and cool places away from sunlight, and you may also keep it inside refrigerator that remains dark most of the time.

Make Sure CBD Is Kept Way From Heat

Heat can ruin CBD products and reduce its potency, which is why it is very important that you store them away from extreme heat. There is no denying that CBD is a pure plant product but the extraction process used in its making cannot always guarantee 100% purity. The minerals in products like CBD oils may react to heat leading to change in properties of its cannabidiol content. Heat might give a buttery consistency to CBD oil.

Ensure that you don’t store CBD in cupboards that are located near to appliances like oven, stove etc that give off heat. Leaving the product on the window side to allow sunlight to fall in it can alter its properties and reduce its potency.

Avoid Exposure Of CBD To Air

On being exposed to air, CBD oil comes in contact with oxygen that can alter the oil’s chemical balance. The process is called oxidative stress and manufacturers pack CBD products in airtight bottles to prevent its degradation. Avoid moving the product to another container after you buy it, as the original airtight bottle is mostly the best.

After you open the bottle seal, make sure that you put back the cap and seal it tightly to improve the shelf life of the product.

The quality of your CBD experience not only depends on the potency and purity of the product but on how well the product is stored too. To ensure the shelf-stability of CBD, take adequate care in its storage.