Can Taking CBD Cause Your Stomach To Bloat?

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CBD For Psoriasis
CBD Side Effects
CBD Side Effects

You light up your dab rig with the dab of CBD, and set ablaze. You deeply inhale its contents and you can sense the CBD health benefits kicking in; you relax and catch your breath. An hour goes by and you suddenly feel a tight cramp in your abdomen-like your gastric fluids suddenly freezing. It feels terrible and you feel gassy. What in the world is going on?

This scenario is one that has played out for some. We will be focusing on why this happens and also what you can do next time to avoid such an uncomfortable feeling. Read on…

Decoding The Bloating

The CBD side effects of stomach bloating can actually be traced to a couple of possibilities. These include:

  1. Bloating Caused By Too Much Water Or Food

It is generally said that you must not have oral CBD products on an empty stomach. The reason being that the CBD may react with the gastric juices and may not end up getting absorbed, too well. The opposite also holds true-having too much of water and food when taking in CBD.

Make sure that you only take in a snack or a light meal before administering CBD in any form.

  1. Swallowing CBD Smoke Can Cause The Stomach To Bloat

Pay attention to inhaling and exhaling CBD fumes; try to inhale small doses of the CBD fumes and try not inhaling too much of smoke. Chances are that the swallowed gases are creating a ruckus in the stomach, causing you to burp and feel uneasy in general.

  1. Medical Conditions That May Lead To The Bloating

  • Biphasic Gut Inflammation

This is a situation wherein the CBD maybe even altering the properties of the guts. CBD is helpful for reducing inflammation for those suffering from Crohn’s disease and many more gut-related ailments. But sometimes if the dose of the CBD is unusually high, then there is a chance that CBD might start being negative on you, in what is called the biphasic effect. Reduce the dosage to permissible limits and visit the doctor.

  • Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)

This is a rare condition that occurs when ingesting full spectrum CBD or simply cannabis. The rare condition results in users violently vomiting. If such a situation happens, it is best that you hydrate the user to prevent dehydration from the vomiting and quickly head to the hospital. The only way to treat this is to completely avoid CBD, as CHS can be fatal and life threatening at times.