Is CBD Not A Certified Organic Product?

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A one word answer to the question would be NO. Ever since CBD gained momentum of being the herbal alternative to a couple of over-the-counter medication (thanks to the endless list of CBD benefits), many suppliers and CBD manufacturers took to the stage to advertise and promote their CBD products. Of the many claims that they put on their labelling, one that could be seen consistently is the “Certified Organic Product” writing. And boy is it misleading!

Understanding What It Takes To Certify A Product As Organic

For any crop or product to be sold as an organic one, it needs an official certification. This is not me saying this; it is the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The certification process will be look over by third party agents that adhere to standards put in place by the USDA.

Based on this, there are three sorts of classification. It is not black and white as calling a product as organic or non-organic. The three certifications include:

100% organic- All the practices and ingredients are certified as organic.

Organic – 95% of the ingredients are deemed organic and the rest can be approved chemical additives.

Made with Organic ingredients- this means that there are SOME organic substances in the product.

What It Takes For Hemp To Be Called ‘Organic’?

  • Hemp Seeds Must Be Untreated

The plant seeds must be pure and there must be no chemical traces or footprints in them. In other words, the hemp seed should be organic altogether. No genetically modified seeds can be called as organic crops.

  • The Quality Of The Soil In Which It Is Grown

This immediately links to the fertilisers that are used to enhance yield and crop quality. There must be no chemical fertilizer nor pesticides used on the crop. Zilch! The minute any chemical compound or additive is added to the soil, the produce can no longer be called organic!

  • No To Growth Hormones And Radiation

No enhancers and stimulants must be used on the hemp crops. These are the substances that are added to shorten the time needed for the crop to reach maturity and to further increase the profits. What these do is that it ends up changing the chemical make-up of the plants and alters the natural secretions.

Further, this goes without saying but sometimes run-off from nearby industries using radioactive isomers may penetrate and seep into the soil. The contaminated soil then passes on the radiation to the crops in what is called beta radiation. These are absorbed by the plants and undergo bio magnification, wreaking havoc in the body if consumed over extended periods of time. This further enhances the side effects of CBD; naturally, these crops can’t be called as organic.