Is CBD Oil Effective for Arthritis?

High CBD Strains
High CBD Strains
Arthritis And CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is believed to have numerous medicinal properties. It is used for the treatment of different diseases and also for promoting overall wellbeing. Some recent studies show that it can be helpful to reduce some symptoms of arthritis including pain and inflammation. Hence, this can be a natural alternative for treating this persistent disease without causing severe side effects. Therefore, through this article, we examine the potential of CBD in relieving the symptoms of arthritis, so that you can learn and decide whether you should give it a try.

Arthritis and CBD Oil

Arthritis is a disease that commonly affects elder people all across the world. It can cause disability for people by restricting their movement, as it will affect the joints causing inflammation and severe pain. There are mainly two types of arthritis that occur commonly.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): It is an autoimmune disease that happens when the immune system in your body starts attacking your own joints. It can cause pain, inflammation, stiffness, etc. in your joints and can affect your mobility. It will commonly affect the joints in your feet and hands.

Osteoarthritis (OA): It is a type of degenerative disease that can affect the bones and joint cartilage and often results in excruciating pain and stiffness. It usually affects the knee, hip and thumb joints.

It is found that CBD can be effective in reducing the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, thereby effectively controlling this painful disease. CBD can affect the pain receptors that receive the stimuli, hence it will be able to reduce inflammatory pain caused by arthritis.

CBD and pain

Some studies showed that CBD has the potential to attach themselves to the receptors in the immune system and the brain. One among these receptors, known as CB2 receptor, plays a significant role in controlling the immune system by managing inflammation, pain, etc. Therefore, when CBD enters the body, it will interact with the CB2 receptors thereby reducing such symptoms caused by arthritis.

Side effects

Usually, the medications used for the treatment of arthritis have a lot of side effects, especially, the medicines which are used in the advanced stages of this disease. But now, these side effects can be effectively reduced with the help of CBD, as it does not create severe effects.

However, CBD may also cause some minor problems in some patients including diarrhea, fatigue, changes in weight, and changes in appetite, etc. Also, CBD may interact with an enzyme called cytochrome P450, which supports the liver for breaking down the toxins. Hence it may also cause liver damage in some patients.