Using CBD For Treating Migraine

Cannabidiol Oil
Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabis was been used in the US for thousands of years for the treatment of headaches before it was made illegal. Even though there is a lack of scientific evidence on the safe and effective side of using cannabidiol (CBD), many researchers have suggested that one or more components present in the Cannabis Sativa might have therapeutic benefits for headaches caused by migraines.

It is very important to keep in mind that many studies might have used the entire marijuana plant as the subject whose effects are very different than cannabidiol oil. Since evidences are showing that cannabidiol oil reduces pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis, it is believed that it can work as a cure for migraines as well.

In a popular review published in the year 2017, many effective and useful roles of marijuana to treat migraines were pointed out, though they were not studies particularly on CBD oil.

It is believed that there would be further changes in recommendation and laws on CBD as more studies come to limelight explaining the effectiveness of CBD oil and other CBD products. Since the cause of migraines and effects of cannabidiol are unclear, more studies that keep CBD as the subject are necessary.

Conclusions from Popular Research

Many popular researches have concluded that cannabidiol oil could be an option for treating the pain caused by migraine. The authors of a study conducted in 2012 say that using CBD oil helps to relieve chronic pain. However, this study did not relate the pain as pain caused by migraines or headaches.


The current laws regarding CBD are considered very hazy. The use of hemp and products that are derived from hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3% is made legal under the Farm Bill even though confusions are remaining around certain details. It is very important to check the state laws and laws of the destinations you are traveling to. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet approved the use of any nonprescription CBD products.

A type of purified CBD oil that has no contents of THC is been approved by the FDA during June 2018 as it is useful in treating two of the severe types of epilepsy. However, it requires a prescription for buying. Most CBD products that are available do not need any approval, meaning that the buyer cannot always be sure that the use of this product is safe. Make sure to talk to a doctor about using CBD and whether it is legal and safe to use.