Methods of Making CBD Tea

CBD And Anxiety
CBD And Anxiety

CBD is among the cannabis compounds. This substance comes from industrial hemp, and it is not intoxicating. It can give various health benefits. Like tea, cannabidiol also gives antioxidants, keeping your cells healthy and making you look younger. It will be useful for you to double these antioxidants. There are many different CBD tea brands out there, but you can make it on your own using any of the following methods.

Let the tea sit for a while for it to cool. Subjecting cannabidiol to high temperature might cause it to lose its strength, so cooling is a must whichever method you use to do this.

Making the Tea with Cannabidiol Tinctures

Mixing and matching to make your desired flavor profiles, is an exciting aspect of preparing the tea. You can pick from thousands of plants that will give you virtually limitless options. So, such flavors can be transformed by pairing these with tasty tinctures available online. Some of these flavors are mint, orange and lemon.

Ingredients for the Tea

  • Cannabidiol tincture
  • One cup of chemically pure water
  • Desired tea leaves

Steps to Prepare It

  • Pour the water into your kettle or pot, put it up on the stove or cooker, and use medium heat to boil it.
  • After the water boils, put those leaves into that kettle and cover it.
  • Steep for around five minutes.
  • Take off the kettle from your cooker and pour the liquid through a filter to separate the leaves.
  • After the tea cools, add your preferred cannabidiol tincture and blend, and then you are good to serve.

Preparing It with Cannabidiol Oil

For this, you need ingredients namely CBD oil, some amount of milk or a tablespoon of quality butter, one cup of distilled water and preferred tea.

Steps to Make

  • Pour the water into a saucepan and boil it.
  • Add the tea into a mug before pouring the boiling liquid into the cup.
  • Wait until the tea brews.
  • Take the tea bag or infuser out of the hot liquid.
  • Add butter or milk as per the measurement mentioned above. Although Cannabidiol oil cannot blend with water, it can mix with fatty things, which is mainly why you should use a dairy product as an ingredient.
  • Add the preferred amount of cannabidiol oil and then stir the tea until it mixes well.

Water-soluble cannabidiol oil can be used, and this will eliminate the need for any dairy ingredient.