Using CBD to Promote Weight Loss

CBD Interact With Medications
CBD Interact With Medications
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one among the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant and is widely known to have many beneficial effects on the mental and physical health of a person like reduced inflammation and pain relief. Recent studies on CBD products also show that it can be used to promote weight loss.

Using CBD for Weight Loss

The use of CBD has been said to improve various aspects of human health which includes weight loss as well. Here are a few potential effects CBD for weight loss.

Boost Metabolism and Reduce Food Intake

Preliminary studies and researches have suggested that CBD might help reduce the intake of food by a person and can help in boosting their metabolism which, in turn, results in promoting weight loss.

Studies conducted with CBD on animals indicates that the intake of CBD results in its interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the brain and the lymphoid tissue, which can affect the bodyweight of a person as these receptors play crucial roles in the food intake and metabolism.

Also, studies were conducted on rats using CBD (by injecting 1.1 and 2.3 mg per pound of their body weight daily). The dosages of CBD produced a significant reduction in the body weights of rats – the higher dose was found to be the most effective. CBD was injected in the rats and was not given orally. Other rat studies showed a significant reduction in the intake of food in them while they were given CBD. These results are seen to be promising and therefore more human studies are needed to be carried to support these findings.

CBD Causes Browning of Fat Cells

Two types of fats exist in the human body – white and brown. White is the most predominant form of fat and is responsible for storing and supplying energy, and also in cushioning and insulating the organs of the body. Brown fat is the fat that is responsible for burning the calories in the body. Individuals having a healthy weight are more likely to have more brown fat in their bodies than people who are overweight. It is possible to convert white fat to brown fat by getting adequate sleep, exposing the body to cold temperatures and doing some exercise. Researches have shown that the intake of CBD might aid this process.

There were also test-tube studies that pointed out that CBD led to browning of white cells and also to enhance the expression of some proteins and genes that helps in promoting brown fat in the body.