How Does Third Party Lab Testing Of CBD Work?

Lab Testing Of CBD
Lab Testing Of CBD
Lab Testing Of CBD
Lab Testing Of CBD

Third party lab testing is the key to assuring the quality of CBD products as the agencies that do the testing are reputed third party labs that do not have profit motives or associations with CBD brands. Unless third party lab results give you confidence to go ahead with the purchase of a CBD product, it is not a good idea to buy it.

Different Methods Used By Third Party Labs To Test CBD

Third party labs use multiple methods to test CBD products for quality. Some of the methods are discussed below:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

It is the standard method used to test the percentage concentration of cannabinoids in a CBD product. In the testing method, a small sample is dissolved in a suitable solvent like ethanol and put into a thin tube after which the pressure is increased. High pressure inside the tube causes all the compounds in the sample to separate according to their individual weights. Lighter compounds float while heavier molecules sink in the tube.

The tube end contains a UV detector and an exit hole that allows the release of individual hemp compounds. The density of the compounds that leave one by one through the exit hole is measured by their ability to absorb UV light.

PCR Testing

PCR testing is a quick and inexpensive method used to test biological contamination. In PCR testing, DNA strands in the sample are matched up with the bacterial, protozoan and fungal DNA patterns. Depending on the bacterial species that show up in the PCR test, the lab tests can give information about the level of contamination of the CBD product.

Mass Spectronomy (MS)

Mass spectronomy is primarily used to identify the presence of heavy metals in a CBD product. The first step in MS testing is the ionization of the test sample after which the sample is passed through electromagnetic fields. The process separates individual components in the sample that are then plotted on a graph. The compounds in the sample are identified by analyzing their position in the graph.

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) Testing

The test is quicker than HPLC and requires minimal number of solvents to work contributing to the lower associated costs of the tests. However it cannot reach the accuracy levels of HPLC.

IN NMR testing, radio waves bombard the samples placed in a magnetic field. Different compounds in the sample are determined by analyzing the changes in the magnetic field.

Top CBD brands get all their products third party lab tested so that the customers can confidently go ahead with the purchase of their products.