What Will Happen If You Mix CBD With Alcohol?

CBD Side Effects
CBD Side Effects
CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

CBD is being mixed with a large number of foods and drinks for finding an efficient combination that will help CBD users to get maximum benefits from this compound without much difficulties. A variety of CBD edibles and CBD-infused beverages are now available in the market for CBD users to choose from. CBD manufacturers are on the quest to find out new combinations that can efficiently deliver CBD into the human body.

A new addition to this field is the CBD-infused alcoholic drinks. Studies are going on in the CBD industry for finding the relationship with CBD and alcohol. However, they are still in their infancy. There are a lot of arguments put forward by different studies about the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. But there is not enough scientific proof to back up these arguments. Hence, through this article, we are listing some of the possible effects that can be resulted from mixing CBD and alcohol together.

They May Enhance Each Other’s Properties

Alcohol is known for its capability to promote feelings of relaxation and reduce inhibitions in people. It is found that CBD can also induce similar effects. This compound has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety and it also has the potential to calm your nerves thereby inducing relaxation.

Hence, it is suggested that when taken together these compounds can amplify the effects created by each of them. So it might result in sedation and sleepiness. Some also claim that taking both CBD and alcohol can intensify the effects created by them resulting in changes in behavior and mood.

In fact, a study conducted for finding the effects created by the combination of alcohol and CBD concluded that it might result in negative effects in people. Here, the participants were given 200mg of CBD along with 1 gram of alcohol for every 1kg of body weight. The subjects of this study suffered from impairments in their motor performance and variations in the perception of time. But they did not experience these symptoms when they took CBD alone. Therefore, this study suggests that the combination of both alcohol and CBD might create adverse effects in the human body.

However, it is important for you to know that this study is outdated and the participants of this study were given higher dosages of CBD than most people usually use. Hence, more studies are needed in this field for finding the real effects caused by the combination of CBD and alcohol.

CBD May Help To Reduce The Side Effects Caused By Alcohol

Even though there is not enough scientific proof to support this claim, many people believe that CBD can be useful for reducing the side effects caused by alcohol.

The following are some of the important ways of how CBD can be beneficial for eliminating the side effects of alcohol:

May prevent cell damage and other diseases:  Excessive alcohol consumption may result in cell damage and will increase the risk of inflammation and other chronic diseases such as liver diseases, pancreatitis, and certain types of cancer.

Some studies show that CBD may be helpful to protect the cells from damages caused by the consumption of alcohol.

For example, one study conducted on rats for finding the effects created by the combination of CBD and alcohol showed that the application of CBD gel to the skin reduced the damaging of brain cells resulted from excessive alcohol consumption up to 49%.

Another study indicated that injecting mice with CBD is useful in giving protection against fatty liver disease induced by alcohol by promoting autophagy, a process that increases the turnover of new cells that leads to the regeneration of tissues.

However, it is concluded by another study that CBD-rich cannabis extracts might result in liver toxicity in mice. But some mice used in this study had been gavaged and force-fed with extremely large amounts of cannabis extracts.

Most of these studies are conducted in mice, so it is unclear whether CBD will create the same impact on humans. Hence, more studies are needed in this field for finding the effects created by CBD in preventing the diseases induced by alcohol in humans.

May reduce the alcohol levels in the blood: Higher levels of alcohol in the blood can result in greater loss of motor control as well as cognitive function. But research suggests that CBD can be helpful in significantly reducing the alcohol levels in the blood. However, there is not enough proof to show the authenticity of this result.

May be helpful for controlling the alcohol addiction: Some researchers suggest that CBD can be useful for controlling alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms in people. Hence, a lot of people are now using CBD for alcoholism. Studies indicate that this compound can be beneficial for reducing the intake of alcohol in people who are addicted to alcohol, and it can also be helpful for preventing relapse.

Even though there are different claims regarding the effects created by the combination of alcohol and CBD together, they are not approved by any authentic agencies. Hence, more research and studies are needed in this filed for establishing the effects created by the mix of these two compounds in the human body.