Can You Use CBD For OCD?


The number of people suffering from OCD constitutes around 1 percent of the whole US population. This makes it the fourth-most common mental condition affecting people of the country. Even though the proper cause of OCD is not known, doctors say that anxiety, fear, worry, etc trigger OCD. The treating of OCD is not easy either. Continuous therapy and medication can help partially. However, many are opting for treating OCD with CBD. Despite not many tests being conducted on the topic, the effect of CBD on OCD can be proven anecdotally.

What Is OCD?

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental condition in which the patient has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. This might cause them to repeatedly do or think something. One of the common and simple OCD is the fright of not locking the door. There are people who check the front door multiple times and worry about it even after leaving the house. OCD was classified as an anxiety disorder before.

Common OCD

  • Fear of germs, viruses, bacteria, or any contamination
  • Self-harming thoughts
  • Harming animals or others
  • Being over-organized
  • Unwanted sexual thoughts
  • Fear of forgetting important dates
  • Inability to make decisions

How Is OCD Usually Treated?

Those with OCD mostly avoid situations that would trigger their obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. Unfortunately, to control these, some rely on alcohol and drugs, which will eventually lead to addiction.

Many also opt for cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps find their deep fears and face them. There are a few who resort to medication and take anti-depressants. However, having anti-depressants alone will not change much. Consuming a combination of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics has shown positive results.

Can CBD Oil Treat OCD?

As conventional treatment methods failed to help OCD patients, they started experimenting with other popular options. Upon trying CBD, they noticed a few changes because of which CBD is used to treat OCD today.

As OCD stems from fear and anxiety, having CBD, which is an effective anti-anxiety compound, reduces the obsessive thinking that fuels actions.

Medical Marijuana For OCD

Using medical marijuana for OCD is legal in a few states in the US. Even though some might find it more effective than CBD, having medical marijuana has negative side effects. Medical marijuana contains THC, which gets people high. Moreover, THC was also proven to worsen anxiety. Therefore, it is better to have CBD, which is a safer option.

Even as no proper research on CBD oil for OCD has been conducted on humans, anecdotal evidence proves that using CBD for OCD treatment is productive. Therefore, giving CBD a chance to cure OCD is not a bad idea.