Methods To Extract CBD At Home

CBD Interact With Medications
CBD Interact With Medications
CBD At Home
CBD At Home

The use of CBD is increasing day by day. People have started substituting their chemical medicines with natural CBD products especially since the side effects of CBD are mild. It can be said that CBD oil is the most used of its products due to its versatility and ease o use. What if you can make CBD oil at home? If you are interested in cooking, then you should definitely try it.

Let’s look at the two methods predominantly used to extract CBD from hemp.

Alcohol Extraction Method

Did you know that alcohol can extract compounds including flavonoids from plants easily? However, not all alcohol is used to extract as some of them are harmful to humans. The most used alcohol are grain alcohol, brandy, and vodka. To complete the extraction using this method, you will need- a clean glass jar, dried hemp plant, and alcohol.

If you are interested, grab the necessary items and ingredients and follow these steps.

To completely extract the components present in the plant, you have to cut it into small pieces to ensure that the extractant (in this- the alcohol) touches as much surface area of the plant as possible. Put the chopped pieces in the glass jar and fill it with alcohol up to half. After closing the glass jar, secure it in a dry and dark place for around 6 months. Filter out the hemp particles using a cheesecloth and retain the extracted mixture.

As you can see, this method is effective but time-consuming.

Oil extraction Method

This method is a little more strenuous even though it will take only a day to extract. Most popular carrier oils used are jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. The oil you chose should depend on the purpose of your CBD oil. Unlike the alcohol extraction method, you will have to heat the mixture in this.

You will need a pan, mason’s jar, cotton cloth, and cheesecloth. Like before, the ingredients needed are only hemp and the oil of your choice. If the hemp you have is already decarboxylated, proceed by crushing it and mixing it with the desired amount of oil in mason’s jar. Slowly double heat of the mixture by keeping it on a pan filled with water. Place the mason’s jar on the pan only after spreading cloth on it. Ensure the temperature stays below 200 Fahrenheit. Once the mixture is heated for 3 hours, keep it aside for another 3 hours. Repeat the heating and cooling process. Filter out the hemp remains from the CBD oil using a cheesecloth.

These are the two methods to make CBD oil at home. You can use your CBD oil for anxiety, pain, inflammation, and many more. Enjoy your cooking!