Purlyf Delta 8 Review: Overall Quality

In this review, we delve into the PurLyf Delta 8 Cartridge, a product from PurLyf CBD known for its range of CBD and Delta 8 offerings. We tested their full gram Delta 8 cartridge, examining its taste, strength, and overall performance. While the cartridge delivers good taste and fair strength, the hardware could use some improvements. Read on to discover our detailed insights and overall thoughts on the PurLyf Delta 8 Cartridge.

Key Takeaways

  • The PurLyf Delta 8 cartridge offers a smooth taste and uplifting effects.
  • The packaging and cartridge design are visually appealing and well-made.
  • The hardware used in the cartridge tends to clog, affecting the overall experience.
  • Rigorous testing ensures high standards of purity and potency for safety and quality assurance.
  • Customer feedback highlights the need for hardware improvements but appreciates the taste and effects.

Design and Aesthetics

Packaging Quality

The packaging of Purlyf Delta 8 products is meticulously crafted, reflecting a commitment to quality. The design is both discreet and elegant, making it appealing to those who value style and performance. The packaging is well-made and unique, ensuring that the product stands out on the shelf.

Cartridge Appearance

The cartridge itself boasts a sleek and modern look. Its transparent design allows users to see the oil inside, adding a layer of trust and transparency. The overall appearance is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a positive user experience.

User Interface

The user interface of the Purlyf Delta 8 cartridge is straightforward and user-friendly. The design ensures that even first-time users can easily operate the device without any complications. This simplicity in design enhances the overall usability and satisfaction of the product.

Build Quality and Durability

Material Composition

The Purlyf Delta 8 cartridge is constructed using materials that are standard in the industry. However, the hardware itself has been noted to require improvements. The cartridge is branded with IKrusher, a known manufacturer, but users have reported frequent clogging issues, which detracts from the overall experience.


In terms of longevity, the Purlyf Delta 8 cartridge does not perform as well as expected. Frequent clogging significantly reduces the lifespan of the cartridge, making it less durable compared to other products in the market. This is a major drawback for users who seek a long-lasting product.

User Feedback

User feedback highlights both positive and negative aspects of the Purlyf Delta 8 cartridge. While the taste and effects are generally appreciated, the hardware’s tendency to clog is a recurring issue. Users have suggested that the brand should either upgrade the current hardware or switch to a different manufacturer to enhance the overall quality and durability of the product.

The frequent clogging of the Purlyf Delta 8 cartridge is a significant issue that impacts user satisfaction and the product’s overall durability.

Oil Quality and Composition

The oil quality in PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges is commendable, delivering a mellow yet uplifting high. PurLyf employs CO2 extraction methods, ensuring the oil maintains its purity and potency. According to their website, they use all-natural terpenes, which contribute to the clean taste of the oil.

Purity Standards

PurLyf adheres to stringent purity standards, ensuring that their Delta 8 oil is free from contaminants. The CO2 extraction method is a testament to their commitment to quality, as it preserves the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Ingredient Sourcing

The ingredients used in PurLyf Delta 8 oil are sourced with great care. The company emphasizes the use of natural and high-quality components, which is evident in the overall performance of the product.


Consistency is a key factor in evaluating oil quality. PurLyf Delta 8 oil maintains a consistent viscosity, which is crucial for optimal vapor production and user experience. However, it is worth noting that the hardware may sometimes cause clogging issues, affecting the overall experience.

Strength and Potency

Delta 8 Concentration

Purlyf Delta 8 products are known for their high concentration of Delta 8 THC. Each cartridge contains 2ml of high-quality D8 hemp extract, boasting almost 90% Delta 8 THC concentration. This ensures a potent experience for users, adhering to legal standards with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


The effectiveness of Purlyf Delta 8 products is notable. Users report a consistent, long-lasting effect that is both uplifting and euphoric. This is particularly true for their extra strength gummies, which contain 70mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy. These gummies are designed to provide a perfectly euphoric experience in every bite.

User Experiences

User feedback highlights the potency and effectiveness of Purlyf Delta 8 products. Many users appreciate the robust 100mg of Delta-8 THC in each gummy, which simplifies dosing and ensures a reliable experience. However, it is important to note that Delta 8 does not give the same effects as dispensary-grade THC cartridges, making it a milder alternative for those familiar with THC and marijuana.

Taste and Flavor Profile

Flavor Variety

Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges offer a diverse range of flavors, catering to various taste preferences. Notable options include Rainbow, Blueberry, and Watermelon. Each flavor is crafted using naturally derived ingredients, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience. The tropical watermelon flavor, in particular, stands out for its sweet and refreshing taste, making it a popular choice among users.

Taste Consistency

The consistency of taste across different batches is a critical factor for users. Purlyf Delta 8 has managed to maintain a consistent flavor profile, ensuring that each cartridge delivers the same delightful experience. This reliability is crucial for users who have specific flavor preferences and expect uniformity in their vaping sessions.

User Preferences

User feedback highlights the importance of flavor in the overall vaping experience. Many users have praised the great taste and effects of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges, particularly noting the pleasant and light flavor that enhances their enjoyment. The balance between taste and potency is a key factor that contributes to the product’s popularity.

Efficiency and Performance

The efficiency and performance of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges are critical aspects to consider. Vapor production is a key metric, and while the cartridges deliver fair hits, they often face issues with clogging. This can significantly impact the user experience, as clogged cartridges can waste your distillate and reduce the number of usable puffs.

Vapor Production

Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges are designed to produce a smooth and consistent vapor. However, the actual performance can vary. Users have reported that while the vapor quality is generally good, the cartridges can sometimes deliver somewhat harsh hits.

Clogging Issues

One of the main drawbacks of these cartridges is their tendency to clog. This issue is particularly noticeable in the mouthpiece, which can become blocked and hinder the overall efficiency of the cartridge. Frequent clogging not only affects the vapor production but also leads to wastage of the distillate.

Battery Life

The battery life of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges is another important factor. While the cartridges are long-lasting and efficient, the battery performance can vary depending on usage patterns. Users have noted that the battery life is generally satisfactory, but it could benefit from improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

The hardware of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges needs improvements to prevent clogging and ensure a more consistent performance.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Testing Protocols

Purlyf Delta 8 adheres to stringent testing protocols to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Each batch undergoes comprehensive lab testing to verify the absence of harmful contaminants and to confirm the potency of the Delta 8 THC. This rigorous process guarantees that consumers receive a product that is both safe and effective.


The company holds various certifications that attest to their commitment to quality. These certifications are a testament to their adherence to industry standards and their dedication to providing a trustworthy product. Holding such certifications enhances consumer confidence and underscores the brand’s reliability.

User Safety

User safety is a paramount concern for Purlyf Delta 8. The company employs thorough production checks and uses organic ingredients to ensure the highest level of safety. Additionally, they provide clear usage guidelines and warnings to help users consume their products responsibly. This comprehensive approach to safety makes Purlyf Delta 8 a trustworthy brand delivering safe and effective products.

Ensuring user safety through rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols is a cornerstone of Purlyf Delta 8’s operational philosophy.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Positive Reviews

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with Purlyf Delta 8 products. Positive feedback often highlights the product’s effectiveness and the quality of the oil. Customers appreciate the smooth vapor production and the variety of flavors available. The ease of use and the sleek design of the cartridges are also frequently mentioned.

Negative Reviews

While the majority of reviews are positive, some users have reported issues. Common complaints include occasional clogging of the cartridges and inconsistent potency. A few customers have also mentioned that the effects were not as long-lasting as expected.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, the customer feedback for Purlyf Delta 8 products is largely favorable. The brand has managed to build a loyal customer base, despite some minor issues. The shocking truth about the 2018 farm bill THC limit and regulatory challenges has not significantly impacted user satisfaction. Most users find the products to be a good value for money, appreciating the balance between quality and price.

Value for Money

The Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges are priced at $34.99 for a full gram (1000mL), which is considered a decent value for a full gram cartridge. While the distillate quality is commendable, the hardware issues, such as frequent clogging, can detract from the overall experience. In comparison, other brands like CannaClear offer full gram cartridges for as low as $15, making them a more cost-effective option for some users.

Price Comparison

When evaluating the price of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges, it is essential to consider the market alternatives. For instance, CannaClear provides full gram cartridges at a significantly lower price point of $15. This price disparity highlights the need for consumers to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each product.


Despite the higher price, the Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges offer a reasonable value due to the quality of the distillate. However, the hardware’s tendency to clog frequently can hinder the overall cost-effectiveness, as users may not fully utilize the product.

User Perception

User feedback on the value for money of Purlyf Delta 8 cartridges is mixed. While some appreciate the quality of the distillate, others find the hardware issues to be a significant drawback. Overall, the product receives a moderate rating in terms of value, with users noting that the experience could be improved with better hardware.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Testing Transparency

PurLyf ensures transparency by providing lab results for each of their strains on their website. These results are verified by third-party labs, such as Kaycha, to confirm the authenticity of the product contents. This practice allows consumers to verify the purity and potency of the Delta 8 THC in their products.

Lab Results

The lab results for PurLyf’s Delta 8 products are readily available online. However, there have been concerns regarding the significant differences between the claimed milligram amount of Delta 8 THC and the third-party lab results. This discrepancy raises questions about the accuracy of the product labeling.

Consumer Trust

Third-party lab testing plays a crucial role in building consumer trust. By making lab results accessible, PurLyf aims to assure customers of the quality and safety of their products. This transparency is essential for maintaining a positive reputation in the market.

Ensuring that products are made solely with pure, lab-tested hemp compounds is vital for consumer safety and trust.

Product Range and Variety


Purlyf offers a diverse selection of Delta 8 THC cartridges, catering to various preferences and needs. These cartridges are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Each cartridge is crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a consistent and potent product. The range includes multiple strains and flavors, allowing users to choose according to their taste and desired effects.


The Delta 8 THC gummies from Purlyf are a popular choice among consumers. These gummies come in a variety of flavors, including rainbow, blueberry, watermelon, and apple. Each gummy contains 100mg of Delta-8 THC, with the exception of the apple flavor, which contains 70mg. This variety ensures that there is something for everyone, whether they prefer a higher or lower dosage.


Purlyf also offers Delta 8 THC flower, which is perfect for those who enjoy the traditional method of consumption. The flower is available in different strains, each providing unique effects and flavors. This product is ideal for users who prefer a more natural and unprocessed form of Delta 8 THC.

The extensive product range offered by Purlyf ensures that every consumer can find a product that suits their preferences and needs, making it a versatile and reliable choice in the Delta 8 THC market.

Explore our extensive product range and discover the perfect CBD solution tailored to your needs. From high-potency oils to delicious gluten-free gummies, we have something for everyone. Visit our website to learn more and find the ideal product for you.


In summary, the PurLyf Delta 8 Cartridge offers a commendable experience with its smooth taste and uplifting effects. The product excels in areas such as oil quality and flavor, making it a worthwhile option for those seeking a pleasant Delta 8 experience. However, the hardware of the cartridge presents a notable drawback, as it tends to clog and impede the overall user experience. Despite this, the rigorous safety and quality assurance measures employed by PurLyf provide a level of confidence in the product’s purity and potency. While there is room for improvement in the cartridge design, the overall quality of the PurLyf Delta 8 Cartridge remains satisfactory, making it a viable choice for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall quality of PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges?

PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges deliver nice taste and decent effects. However, the hardware tends to get clogged frequently, which can prevent users from getting the full experience.

What are the pros of using PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges?

The pros include smooth taste and uplifting high with nice effects.

What are the cons of using PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges?

The main con is that the hardware used for the cartridge tends to get clogged frequently.

How is the packaging quality of PurLyf Delta 8 products?

The packaging is well-made and unique, which enhances the overall presentation of the product.

Is PurLyf Delta 8 safe to use?

Yes, PurLyf Delta 8 undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that each batch meets high standards of purity and potency, providing users with peace of mind regarding the quality of their product.

What flavors are available for PurLyf Delta 8 gummies?

PurLyf Delta 8 gummies are available in classic fruity flavors like blueberry watermelon and a rainbow bag that encompasses all the flavors together.

How is the taste of PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges?

The taste is decent, not overly strong but still nice and light enough to enjoy.

What is the Delta 8 concentration in PurLyf THC Flower?

PurLyf THC Flower comes in different strains with varying Delta 8 concentrations, such as Bubba Indica with 20% Delta 8 content and Legendary OG Indica with 17% Delta 8 content.

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